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Jim |
Awesome job to all of the young people involved with this
Keep up the great work

23 October 2009 - South Central PA

Eric | |
The little girl in the beginning of Love Rescue Me has one of the most amazing voices I've ever heard in my life. When I heard her first on the Playing for Change CD I thought she was an adult but when I saw the DVD I was wrong. She has a great voice and will have a great future in music. BUT THE REST of the choir sounds amazing as well I love the music. :) Keep it up. Thank you for spreading peace and love through music. We're very few but very strong.

13 October 2009 - Maryland, USA

Emmanuel from France |
Just do it again and again. God bless u all.

6 October 2009 - France

Marian Ryan Weeks |
You sound like a choir of Angels!
Actually, I bet Angels cannot wait
to sing with you each and every time you raise
all of your beautiful voices in love!

29 September 2009 - Carmel, CA, USA

Jourdan Brown |
I did the Ulster Project in 2005, and I was fortunate enough to see you guys when "y'all" actually came and performed in New Orleans. Y'all were amazing and always stuck out in my mind since then. Almost 5 years later I never forgot about y'all's outstanding voices and pure talent, and I was so excited to find a video on Youtube of "Love Rescue Me". I love playing for change and I am just so happy for all of you and know that your voices and message will be able to touch the lives of so many people like it did to mine. Keep up the excellent work, and hopefully I will get to see the choir perform again in my next trip over there or if y'all ever come back here! Best of luck!

29 September 2009 - New Orleans, LA, USA

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