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Blathnaid Kerr
The Omagh community youth choir is one of thee most amazing things that has happened Omagh, i feel it has really made a difference to our community in Omagh. Health to enjoy for all the singers, everyone is proud of you.

19 August 2009 - Omagh, Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland

Richard Courtney |
I just bought the CD and without a doubt the best song is yours. Then I saw the PBS special and actually put faces to the words sung. The woman who sang the first couple of verses was magnificant, and hopefully will turn professional. You are a tribute to the world, and I hope the whole world gets to see you someday. God Bless You All and keep doing what you are doing. Music does in fact bring the world together, regardless of race, religion or community status.

18 August 2009 - Washington DC

Matthew Stewart | |
I just picked up the Playing For Change album, and your choir's rendition of Love Rescue Me is by Far my favorite song on the entire record. It lead me to search for more of the OCYC's work. Everything I've heard so far is amazing, and I'm looking forward to finding more. Thank you for sharing your voices with Playing for Change, I'd have never heard it otherwise. Just Fantastic.

17 August 2009 - Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Richard |
I saw you all on the PBS special.Love rescue me should be put on cd and sold. the first girl to sing has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. I am from san antonio texas. You ought to book the choir into the majastic theatre, you would sell out every evening you are there.and the last girl to sing the last verse should turn professional. god bless you all. you are an inspiration to the world

15 August 2009 - san antonio, texas

Keith McGill |
I came looking to buy a CD. Saw you in the Playing for Change film on PBS in the U.S. You all are amazing, and not just because you can sing. I know putting a CD out is expensive, maybe you can take advance orders?

13 August 2009 - San Diego, CA USA

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